The following are the conditions for the grant of a of Sportsbook and/or Cyber-Casino licence in the Commonwealth of Dominica

The Government of Dominica will grant a Concession to the operator on terms specified below:

  1. Payment of licence fees and other financial committments. The operator shall pay to the Government of Dominica five percent (5%) of gross revenue derived from the Concession or US$50,000 whichever of the two is greater payable semi-annually. The operator's books of accounts shall be open to inspection.. The operator shall submit quarterly reports on earnings and payments and number of local staff employed to the International Business Unit (IBU) within thirty (30) days of the end of the quarter. Failure to pay these fees on month from the due date will result in the cancellation of the licence.


    1. The operator shall pay the Government of Dominica an annual license fee of US$75,000. This license fee shall be paid semi-annually subject to cancellation if fees are not paid one-month after the due date.
    2. The operator shall pay to the Government, a non-refundable application fee of US$15,000 for a Sportsbook License, US$15,000 for a Cyber-casino License and US$15,000 for an '800' number license.
    3. The operator shall have paid up capital of US$500,000, evidence of which must be submitted to the Government of Dominica before the signing of the Contract of Concession.
    4. The operator shall purchase US$100,000 worth of Government of Dominica Treasury Bills before the signing of the Contract of Concession and issuing of Gaming License. These Treasury Bills will be rolled over by the Government until six (6) months after the termination of the licence.
    5. The operator shall contribute, in cash or in kind, to an environmental, health or educational project approved of by the Government. Nature, and/or amount of contribution to be mutually agreed upon by the Government and operator. (Choice to be indicated on signing of contract).

      ProjectAmount (Minimum US$5,000)
      Evidence of this contribution to be forwarded to the IBU yearly.

  2. Submission of a testing certificate from any independent testing laboratory, approved by the Government of Dominica attesting:

    1. To the fairness of the games and
    2. That the operator has reliable controls to ensure that minors, citizens and permanent residents of the Commonwealth of Dominica are prohibited from accession the LICENCE games and that the operator has sufficient controls to identify and curtail compulsive gamblers.

  3. Establishment reliable controls, to prohibit minors from accessing their gaming system. The controls will require customers to affirm that they are of lawful age in their jurisdiction and the licensee shall institute reasonable measures to corroborate this information, which shall be verified from time to time by independent auditors.

  4. Implemention of adequate PROCEDURES TO IDENTIFY AND CURTAIL COMPULSIGE GAMBLING. The procedures instituted shall include posted loss limits, provision of referral and direct access to help and counseling organizations.

  5. Implemention of adequate procedures to prohibit citizens and permanent residents of the Commonwealth of Dominica from accessing their gaming system. The controls will require customers to affirm that they are not citizens or permanent residents of the Commonwealth of Dominica and the LICENCEE shall institute reasonable measures to corroborate this information, which shall be verified from time to time by independent auditors.

  6. Truthful and accurate promotions. The operator shall be truthful in all promotions and publish only accurate information about its operations. Gaming and wagering rules, registration procedures and payout percentages shall be made available to the public.

  7. Adequate financing to pay winnings. The operator will ensure that there is adequate financing available to pay all current obligations and that working capital is adequate to finance ongoing operations. The operator will pay winnings and account balances promptly on demand.

  8. Create website link. The operator shall maintain a link with the International Business Unit at This link shall be maintained prominently on the operator's web page.

  9. Commence operation within 6 months of grant of licence. In order to maintain this Concession the operator shall be required to commence commercial operations within six (6) months of the date of this agreement, and in the absence of force majeure, continue such operations without significant interruption throughout its term. The agreement will be terminated if the operator fails to commence operation within six (6) months of signing this agreement.

  10. Assist Government in promoting tourism. The operator will cooperate with the Government in publicizing Dominica tourism in the course of the operator conducting its business, through a constant internet link from the operator's Home Page or such other means acceptable to the Government.

  11. Approval required for third party advertising sponsorship. Any third advertising sponsorship that is placed on the Interned by the operator shall be subject to the approval of the appropriate Dominica Government Authority.

  12. Operator Liabilities

    1. The operator agrees to pay all charges, costs, levies or otherwise in respect of the use of and access to the Internet.
    2. The charges, costs, levies or otherwise include any new charge, cost, levy or otherwise which may apply in respect of the use of and access of the Internet at any time from the execution of this Contract of Concession.

  13. Provide opportunity for employment of locals. Operator to hire persons locally to the maximum extent practicable .The operator shall develop training and instruction programs for its personnel in computer usage and accompanying administrative skills.

  14. Physical presence in Dominica to be maintained. The operator must maintain a physical presence in Dominica from the issue of the license.

  15. Government Guarantees. The Government guarantees to the operator the following during the terms of the Concession:

    1. Access on the most favourable terms available to international telecommunications services on the most modern switches and carriers (including fiber-optic and/or satellite);
    2. The right to import into Dominica on a duty free basis all equipment necessary to conduct an international sportsbook and/or cyber-casino business and/or '8000' number, including computers and communications equipment;
    3. availability of permits for such technical and managerial personnel as is necessary to operate an Internet telemarketing business (it being understood that the operator has represented its intent to train and employ local staff to the extent available);
    4. exemption from taxes on income, withholding tax, sales tax and other taxes for:
      1. compensation paid to persons not citizens or permanent residents of Dominica;
      2. revenues and earnings of the Licensee; and
      3. winnings paid to non-resident customers of the operator
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