This programme offers two options - Bond Issue and Direct Cash Contribution.

Bond Issue entails a Government offer of 15 year redeemable bonds with a nominal value of US$75,000.00 at 2% simple interest.

The following additional fees are payable upon application:

Applicant US$15,000
Spouse 10,000
Each Minor (under 18 years) 10,000
Each child between 18 and 25 years 15,000

Direct Cash Contribution entails a payment by the applicant of US$50,000.00 which qualifies the applicant, spouse and two children under eighteen (18) for economic citizenship. An additional cash contribution of US$10000.00 will be required for an additional child under twenty five (25) years. With this option no investment in Government bonds, in real estate, or in the form of equity participation is required.

Requirements and Procedures

During the 2-4 week processing period under the Economic Citizenship Programme, there are simple requirements to be met namely references of outstanding character and evidence of a successful business background and or technical expertise in a chosen field. In addition the applicant is required to provide the following documents on application:

  1. Two (2) Testimonials
  2. Recommendation from applicant's banker
  3. Police Record
  4. Four (4) Passport Sized Photographs
  5. Marriage Certificate
  6. Medical Certificate to include HIV Test Results
  7. Birth Certificates
  8. Letter addressed to the Minister of Legal Affairs requesting citizenship
  9. Business background report/resume
  10. Disbursements on application - EC$140.00

Screening of all applicants is done by the International Business Unit of the Ministry of Finance, Industry and Planning facilitated by Corporate and Trust Services (Caribbean) Limited. Upon the completion of processing, should the application be approved, details as to the tendering of the investment under the programme, whichever option is chosen, shall be forwarded to the client by ourselves. If the application is rejected or withdrawn there shall be a full refund to the applicant within one month of the rejection or withdrawal save and except for any government fees paid on the application.

Any request for a refund may be channelled through our offices. In the event of an approval of an application, a Certificate of Registration as a Citizen of Dominica shall be issued by the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Immigration and Labour upon the payment of a registration fee of EC$1500.00 and the taking of the Oath of Allegiance subsequent to which a passport may be applied for and had. A Dominica passport is renewable every 10 years.

Benefits of the Economic Citizenship Programme

Citizenship in Dominica guarantees the following:

  • Visa- Free Travel to any Commonwealth country
  • Payment of taxes on income earned in Dominica only
  • Right to acquire one acre of land for private use and three acres for business use
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